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Intec College Courses

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  • Intec College is a distance education centre located in South Africa. They are associated with the International Correspondence School, founded in the United States in 1896. The Cape Town branch was founded in 1906, which is the branch associated with Intec College.


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intec college courses

intec college courses – Learn French

Learn French – Level 9: Advanced Audio Course for Mac [Download]
Learn French - Level 9: Advanced Audio Course for Mac [Download]
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Dongyang Technical College's Graduation Day – One year ago

Dongyang Technical College's Graduation Day - One year ago
For all Malaysian students who study in South Korea under the Malaysian Public Service Department’s (known as JPA) scholarship, we are divided into 4 stages.
1- Korean Beginners class in Intec, Shah Alam for 9 months.
2- Korean class in Language Education Institute at Seoul National University (SNU) for one year. Consist preparation class for physics, chemical, math in Korean too.
3- 2 years in Dongyang Technical College to pursue a Diploma.
4- 2 years in any university accredited by JPA to complete the credit transfer before receiving a Degree.

You can go straight away to university without going through college if you got sufficient grade during preparation class in SNU. And of course if you fail for each of this stages you will be send back. Scary huh?

por esto subieron los creditos?*

por esto subieron los creditos?*
[pasillo nuevo de INTEC]

…realmente si fue por eso que subieron los creditos lo apruebo, pero solo de noche, es preciosa la iluminacion, pero de dia es un fiazgo, aun no entiendo la parte horizontal, deberian poner toldos para la LLUVIA! y el SOL!.

intec college courses